7 Mind-Blowing CapCut AI Effects You Need To Try

Jun 20, 2024
Capcut AI Effects


#1: AI Video Translation 🎬

CapCut's translation feature is a powerful tool designed to seamlessly convert spoken language in your videos into subtitles in multiple languages. This feature automatically detects and transcribes the audio, then translates it into your chosen language, making your content accessible to a global audience. Whether you're creating content for social media, educational purposes, or business, CapCut's translation feature ensures your message reaches a broader audience with ease and accuracy, breaking down language barriers and enhancing viewer engagement.

In CapCut, you can import your clips and translate the audio. First, select the video clips with embedded audio,



navigate to the audio menu,



and choose "Video Translator." 



You start by selecting the language you're speaking—in my case, English—and the language you want to translate to. Although the options are limited, I chose Japanese. The translation took some time, but the results were impressive.



One downside, however, is a noticeable reduction in video quality. It seems like the effect adds an automatic color grade and reduces the overall quality. Despite this, I think the initial result was convincing enough to use for entertainment or more serious purposes.



#2: AI Audio Translation 🔊

You don't even need a video track to use this feature. You can record directly into CapCut.



For instance, I set up my video mic and recorded a new audio clip.



I used the audio translator again to translate this into Portuguese. I was curious to see the outcome, and while the translation timing needed slight adjustments, the result was impressive.



#3: Bilingual Captions 🔤

CapCut also excels in handling multiple languages. There's a feature that automatically translates spoken language into subtitles. I used this for a part of my Japanese dialogue. By using the "Auto Captions" feature,  



I could choose the spoken language and generate captions in two languages—English and Japanese. This required the pro version of CapCut, but the result was phenomenal.



For those using the free version, you can still create auto captions in one language. This is perfect for enhancing your video's accessibility and appeal.




#4: AI Characters 👨‍💻

One of the coolest and slightly creepy features is the AI character generator. You can create a virtual presenter to speak any text you provide. This is ideal if you're camera-shy but still want a dynamic presence in your videos.



I chose an AI character with a leather jacket, typed out "She sells seashells by the seashore," and selected a fitting voice. 

The AI character's mouth, hand, and body movements were incredibly lifelike.



You can resize these characters, position them anywhere on the screen, and even overlay them on existing videos. I added a scenic background and placed my AI character in front of it. The result? A seamless integration that looked almost real.




#5: AI Image Overlays ☁️

CapCut also allows for AI-generated video overlays. By typing a prompt, like "shells," and selecting an animation style, I generated various overlays to enhance my video. 



These overlays can be resized, repositioned, and animated to fit your project perfectly.




#6: AI Faces 🎭

For some lighthearted fun, CapCut offers body effects and funny faces. I used these to create humorous, exaggerated expressions. The "big mouth" effect and the "unfair" effect had me in stitches, transforming my serious speech into a comical sobbing face.




#7: AI Beauty 💆🏻‍♀️

Lastly, CapCut provides various face and body enhancements. While I don't recommend overusing these, they can be handy for minor adjustments. You can smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, brighten your face, and even adjust your body's appearance. However, I believe in portraying an authentic self, so I use these features sparingly.




Conclusion 🔍

These are just a few of my favorite AI features in CapCut. They're incredibly cool and can add a unique touch to your projects!

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