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My name is Ben Claremont, and i'm here to take your 360 game to the next level 🚀

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About Me:

Hey, I'm Ben! 👋 You might know me as the guy who's been geeking out over 360 cameras on YouTube for nearly a decade now 😂

Remember the day you first picked up a 360 camera and thought, "How cool would it be to do this for a living?" Well, I've been there. I started as a filmmaker, hungry to finally have my work noticed (as well as being literally hungry from being a 'starving artist'...).

Then... i discovered 360 cameras 🤩

Fast forward through thousands of hours of trial, error, and many "Aha!" moments, and i can now say that i'm a FULL-TIME content creator running a thriving 7-figure business 🙌🏻 🌍

So whether you're a newbie like i was, or a seasoned pro looking to monetize your skills, I'm here to help.

Grab your camera and let's make some magic happen! 🌟

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