Gear & Software I Use 📸

Make BETTER content with these cameras, gear & software!

There's a LOT of gear out there... so to save you time & money buying the WRONG gear, i'm sharing only the stuff I personally use & recommend, and none of the rest! My affiliate links can be found below.

360 Video Cameras 🎥

Insta360 X4

Why? It's the best 360 video camera under $500, with a fast workflow and SO many great features & use-cases.

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Insta360 One RS 1-Inch

Why? It offers even better photo & video quality than the X3, making it the #1 choice for more serious creators.

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Virtual Tour Cameras 📸

Trisio Lite 2

Why? It's the best budget 360 camera for virtual tours, and very beginner-friendly.

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Theta Z1

Why? It shoots the best dynamic range of any camera and has a 5 year track record.

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XPhase Scan

Why? It's a 134MP rotating camera that delivers the sharpest 360 photos by far!

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Selfie Sticks & Monopods 🤳🏻

Power Selfie Stick

Why? Great option for when you're shooting for hours on end & need extra charging power.

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Extended Edition Selfie Stick

Why? This 3-meter selfie stick will make your shots even more epic and drone-like.

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Action Invisible Selfie Stick

Why? It's made of tough carbon fiber and is my go-to selfie stick for everyday 360 shots.

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Best360 Monopod

Why? It's the best bang for your buck monopod that can be used for both 360 video & virtual tours.

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Bushman Monopod Pro

Why? It's a premium monopod with extra 1/4" threads and a near-perfect tripod base.

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360 Camera Accessories 🎥

Sandisk Extreme Pro 512GB

Why? It's fast, reliable, cheap, and works with all 360 cameras.

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Best360 Camera Clamp

Why? It's an extremely versatile selfie stick mounting option for tricky locations.

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Meta Quest 3

Why? It's the best value for money VR headset in 2024, and allows you to watch back your 360 content immersively.

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Best360 Magnetic Tripod Thread & Spacer

Why? Another stealthy camera mounting option for metallic surfaces

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Virtual Tour Software 🔄


Why? Kuula is a professional yet beginner-friendly software with a stylish interface. Can be learned & mastered in just hours.

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Why? 3DVista is the best high-end virtual tour software, with hundreds of great features & can be learned in just a few days.

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Video Editing 🎞️

Insta360 Studio

Why? It's an essential free software for Insta360 camera owners for quick & easy stitching and reframing.

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Davinci Resolve

Why? It's a full-featured video editor with 99% of the editing ability of Premiere Pro, at absolutely NO cost!

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Topaz Video AI

Why? Great software for increasing video resolution & quality with just a few sliders. Requires a FAST computer.

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Why? Another great FREE video editor that is a fast, yet professional option for catchy social media videos.

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Epidemic Sound

Why? All of the music i use in my YouTube videos & online courses is from Epidemic - they have a HUGE library of fantastic royalty-free music & SFX.

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Photo Editing 📸

Adobe Photoshop

Why? Photoshop is my go-to editor for video thumbnails & other business-related graphics.

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Adobe Lightroom

Why? Lightroom is the best choice for batch editing hundreds of photos at once.

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Affinity Photo

Why? A Photoshop alternative with a one-time-payment and a 360 photo editing mode.

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Why? Canva is a great choice for editing stylish documents for professional use. Also, it's free!

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Topaz Photo AI

Why? Photo AI can DOUBLE the quality of your photos, especially valuable for virtual tour creators.

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My YouTube Gear 🎥

Sony A73

Why? Very easy to use & shoots cinematic shots that look amazing on YouTube.

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Sony FE 20mm Lens

Why? Quality lens that pairs with the A7S3 to deliver a shallow depth of field with a wide FOV.

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Rode VideoMic NTG

Why? I plug this mic directly into my computer to achieve crisp, professional sound recordings.

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Business Tools 📈


Why? Kajabi is my 'one-stop shop' for all of my business needs: Hosting my online courses, building & hosting my website, email marketing and much more.

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Camera Bags 🎒

Think Tank Cable Management 30

Why? A fantastic gear pouch for your 360 camera & its accessories.

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Think Tank StreetWalker Hard Drive

Why? A high quality camera backpack for lots of gear, including bigger items like monopods.

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Best360 Camera Backpack

Why? Custom built for 360 camera users, this backpack has pockets everywhere.

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Editing Hardware 🖥️

Mac Studio

Why? This is my main computer, super fast and reliable for all of my photo & video editing needs.

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Apple Studio Display

Why? It pairs with the Mac Studio to deliver vivid, crisp visuals for my video editing.

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Sandisk Extreme Pro SSD Drive

Why? Super fast hard drive that you can edit directly from, with NO lag.

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Western Digital My Passport Drive

Why? Not fast enough to edit from without lagging, but a great choice for storing a lot of files.

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