About me 🙋🏻‍♂️

Hey, I’m Ben!

I'm a Sydney-based content creator with a passion for 360 cameras & video editing.

Over the years, I’ve grown from total newbie with zero followers, into the most-followed 360 camera expert on YouTube, traveling the world with my cameras & living my dream life as a full-time content creator!

My Journey 🧭

My journey started as a struggling film school student, hungry to get my work noticed (also hungry for food due to being a starving artist!).

One day I discovered 360 cameras and became obsessed. After starting an Instagram account and gaining my first 100 followers, I saw massive potential in one day turning content creation into a full-time thing.

Through years of experience and a lots of trial and error, I eventually mastered 360 photography and video, sharing tutorials along the way & growing my YouTube channel to nearly 200k subscribers!

2024 & Beyond 👉🏻

Recently, I expanded my focus toward video editing, releasing a comprehensive CapCut Masterclass, and going forward I'll also be covering DaVinci Resolve and other valuable tips & tricks for content creators.

After 20+ years of making videos (for my own channels & for clients), I can say that there has been no better time to become a full-time content creator than right now, and I can't wait to help you become one!

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Stay tuned - exciting things to come 👌🏻