Virtual Tour Pro Refund Policy

Our refund policy was created to help make your buying decision easier, and to eliminate the risk of wasting your money on something that doesn't work!


The Promise:

Virtual Tour Pro aims to teach you highly valuable skills & strategies to go out and start making money with virtual tours, quickly! If you feel like the course did not offer this, then please reach out to us for a refund.

From our perspective, it needs to be fair too. Reasons for refund do not include:

  • The course doesn’t cover a topic that is not listed in the course curriculum (which can be found under the dropdown menu 'View Full Course Curriculum' at
  • A select few VTP videos are posted to YouTube for marketing purposes; this is standard practice and not a reason for refund. 

You must also watch at least 60% of the course to be eligible for a refund.

To apply for a refund, simply get in touch with us within 30 days of purchase with your reason for refund, so we can properly review and implement your request.