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It's time to put an end to:

Not Landing Quality Clients

You can’t find or land high-end clients with large budgets


Undercharging & Over-Delivering

Thanks to low budget clients who expect the world from you


The Inability To Sell Yourself

You don’t feel confident having sales conversations with new clients


Being Stuck In Your 9-5 Job

& choosing safety over finally starting your dream business


If you're facing any of these problems, don't worry, you're not alone! With Photo & Video Business Bootcamp, we'll help you turn these roadblocks into stepping stones that will take your career to new heights!

What’s Inside Photo & Video Business Bootcamp? 🤔

Whether you're just getting started or have a business already, Photo & Video Business Bootcamp is your comprehensive guide to starting & scaling a photography business. With over 50+ in-depth lessons, you'll:

Get Access to My Complete 5-Step Framework For Starting A 6-Figure Photo & Video Business 🚀

1. Business Setup

From registering your business to understanding insurance and taxes, we'll cover everything you need to know to get your business up and running quickly.

2. Branding

Choose the perfect branding and social media strategy to help attract your dream clients, as well as which niches you should specialise in for the best & highest-paying clients.

3. Pricing & Packaging

We'll teach you how to strategically package your services and set rates that grow over time as your business expands.

4. Landing Clients

From doing efficient outreach and making the perfect pitch deck to learning about the mistakes to avoid, you’ll master the entire sales process and start landing big-ticket clients without hesitation.

5. Scaling

Learn how to win bigger clients, charge more for your services, and scale your business for long-term success.

Total Value: $997

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When you sign up for Photo & Video Business Bootcamp, you don't just get an incredible course. You'll also receive 5 exclusive FREE bonuses to further enhance your business journey:


Pitch Deck Template

$97 Value

My tried and tested pitch deck so you can fill in the blanks, and start converting your prospects with ease!


Invoice Template

$47 Value

A professional invoice template to use for your paid work.


Burn Rate & Runway Template

$47 Value

Easy-to-understand formulas to calculate the efficiency of your business.


Quote Email Script

$47 Value

A complete quote email for an in-depth and straight-to-the-point explanation of the project and its price.


Invoice Follow-Up Scripts

$47 Value

Email templates and telephone scripts for guaranteed payment. 

Total Bonus Value: $250+

Get over $250 worth of bonus resources, completely FREE when you enrol in Photo & Video Business Bootcamp!

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Go From Zero To 6-Figure Photographer & Videographer 🚀

Think about how good it will feel to:

Do Photo & Video As Your Main Job

Turn your passion into your full-time job & get paid to be creative!


Land Your Dream Clients

Get recognisable, high-end brands as your main clients!


Charge Premium Prices

Set the rates you want for your services and still get plenty of work


Be Your Own Boss

Choose your own schedule & work exclusively on your own business and not someone else's


Start Your Business Journey


Total Value: $1250+



Photo & Video Business Bootcamp



USD. One Time Fee.

  • Lifetime Access
  • 50+ Videos | 8+ Hours Of Content
  • Bonus Pitch Deck Template ($97 Value)
  • ​Bonus Invoice Template ($47 Value)
  • Invoice Follow-Up Email Scripts ($47 Value)
  • Quote Email Script ($47 Value) 
  • Burn Rate & Runway Calculator ($47 Value)
  • 4k Resolution
  • English Closed Captions
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Photo & Video Business Bootcamp: PREMIUM



USD. One Time Fee.

  • Everything from the Photo & Video Business Bootcamp, plus:
  • The 'How Much To Charge' Day Rate Pricing Calculator + Tutorial ($197 Value) 
  • Official Photography & Videography Legal Contract + Tutorial ($97 Value) 
  • Stock Photo & Video 101: How To Make Money From Your Content While You Sleep eBook by Ben Claremont ($47 Value)



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Meet Your Mentor:

Ben Claremont

Business Expert

From being a broke film school student $100K in debt to scaling my business to $1m+ in profit, i'm proud to say that making professional photo & video content is my full-time job as well as my DREAM job! 

Since I get countless questions about how I turned my passion for photo & video into my career, I decided to put together a blueprint that even a beginner could follow to achieve the same results as me.

I teach all of my best business secrets in the bootcamp, so you can avoid wasting too much time & money doing the wrong thing. I can't wait to be your mentor!

Meet Your Mentor:

Alex Rühl

Business Expert

Hey I’m Alex, a virtual reality filmmaker based in the UK, and the founder of Cats Are Not Peas, an award-winning VR production company.

I’ve been making films for 15 years now, and I consistently land 5 & 6 figure projects for big international brands, using the exact strategies I will be teaching you in the bootcamp.

That makes me the best person to guide you on growing your company, getting high-ticket clients & charging 5-figures per project while also avoiding all the mistakes I’ve made.

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