Hey! My name is Ben Claremont and I’m here to take your 360 game to the next level.
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Virtual Tour Pro
Learn How To Plan, Shoot, Edit, Get Clients and Get Paid For Your Virtual Tours.
Even if you're BRAND NEW to 360 photography... you can become a Virtual Tour Pro (and make money doing what you love) WAY faster than you think!
A Beginner's Guide To 360 Video
Learn How to Plan, Shoot, Edit & Sell Professional 360 Videos
Even if you're new to 360 cameras, you can become a master of 360 video WAY faster than you think!
A Beginner's Guide To Tiny Planet Photography
Learn How To Get The Best & Coolest Effects With Your 360 Camera
This eBook reveals my BEST secrets for creating 10/10 tiny planet shots that stand out from the crowd. I've used these techniques for years and they've helped grow my following through the roof & launch my career as a 360 photographer!
Who am I?
Hey i’m Ben! I started my journey as a filmmaker & freelance videographer before discovering my passion for 360 photography, 360 video, virtual tours & entrepreneurship.
After starting an instagram account in 2015 and getting so many questions about how i made those silly tiny planet photos, i started a YouTube channel to answer my most frequently asked questions... then it kind of snowballed.

I honestly didn’t think 360 cameras would go mainstream at that point, since it was basically impossible to find one for sale on the internet. But when i did find one, learned what it could do & how much value 360 content could bring to the world, i instantly made it my mission to spread it as far and wide as i could.
Over the next few years I built a personal brand around my 360 work, traveling the world making awesome content, while also scaling my business to 6 figures and soon to be 7 figures a year  (can’t believe i just wrote that!).

I'm guessing you’re in a similar situation to when i first started... you recently discovered 360 cameras and had your 'omgwtfbbq' moment. Welcome to the club! I hope you can consider me to be your mentor, and learn my best techniques for free from YouTube vids, and the keys to monetising that content through my video courses. You can find those above.

Happy 360ing!

Social Media Stats

74,000 YouTube subscribers

33,000 Instagram followers

20,000 Facebook followers

Work with me
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